3M™ Automotive Vinyl Wraps

Benefits of Wrapping Your Vehicle

Unlimited style

If you're like us, you drive your car every day. You have unlimited options for customizing your own colors, style, and feel of your ride. Stuck with a plain white car from the dealership? Now you can have that matte black or neon green you've always wanted with a vinyl vehicle wrap!

Durable + Easy
to Repair:

3M vinyl vehicle wraps are extremely durable and scratch-resistant. Not only will your ride look amazing on the outside, but you can be assured the vinyl material will keep your factory paint fresh and free from scratches and chips.

Agreement Safe:

Change the look and feel of your ride with 100% certainty you won't void your warranty or cause any issues with your lease agreement. Vinyl vehicle wraps can be easily peeled off to return to factory conditions.

Autotrim Plus is an Authorized Dealer of 3M™ Automotive Vinyl Wrap Products

A one time fee for advertising with no recurring monthly costs! Your company vehicles will become the most cost effective form of mobile advertising available. It offers your marketing strategy a new medium with many creative possibilities bringing greater visibility to your business. According to an Arbitron outdoor study, your vehicle ad can be seen up to 30,000 to 70,000 times per day. Plus, you can change your messaging when your marketing needs change at a fraction of the cost of other advertising media.

Our premium vinyl wraps are a great option to traditional paint jobs. With over two hundred finished and colors, the options are endless for expressing your style and uniqueness of your vehicle.

3M™ Vehicle Wrap Customizer

Boldly design a new look for your vehicle in three easy steps. Color change? Simple. Dramatic designs? Not a problem. Choose from a variety of finishes, textures and colors including carbon fiber, that offer a unique, head-turning look.

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Ceramic Coating

AutoTrim Plus Now Offering Ceramic Coating for Wrapped/Clear PPF Cars

The science of shine.

Advanced technology.
Powerful performance.
Premium finish.

High-gloss finish. High-impact results.

This is where groundbreaking science and real-world performance combine. Our 3M Ceramic Coating treatment helps enrich paint gloss and shine for a durable new-polish look that will last.

  • Easier Care & Maintenance

    Extremely slick surface allows for easier removal of dirt and debris

  • Long-Lasting Coating

    Creates a hydrophobic finish for excellent water beading

  • High-Gloss Shine

    Seals in and helps maintain the "wet look" of a new polish

  • Durability

    Chemical resistance stands up to salt, acid rain, tree sap and more

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