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Our automotive window tint is backed by a lifetime 3M warranty, won’t fade to an unsightly purple, and maintains excellent heat and glare rejection.

Window tinting in Prescott, AZ

With over three decades of experience in automotive window tinting, we’ve begun to approach it as an art form. By perfectly laying the film of your choice to your car’s windows, we create a polished look that will stay put for years to come. If you don’t know what window tint film options are available for your vehicle or you just can’t decide, our staff can help you to choose a film that will fit both your needs and your budget.

Tint Options


Ceramic IR Series

Advanced Technology

Ride in style and comfort with our automotive window tint services. Film Ceramic IR Series offers great infrared heat rejection for optimal comfort and is available in an attractive neutral color. The Ceramic IR series was developed with a nano-ceramic technology that provides a high level of infrared heat rejection due to the absorptive technology. It rejects up to 66% of total solar energy and up to 95% of infrared heat rejection for optimal thermal comfort and reducing the feel of sun on your skin. This 3M technology is compatible with 5G devices to stay connected. The Ceramic IR Series is designed for low visible light reflectivity value and no mirror-like appearance for a clear view out. While reducing up to 93% of the glare from blinding sunlight, it allows you to see better and concentrate more on driving. The Ceramic IR Series is backed by a limited lifetime warranty, one of the most comprehensive warranties you can get. Sold and installed by Autotrim Plus, a 3M® Authorized Dealer Installer.

Stay Cool

Reduce heat - Great infrared heat rejection up to 63% of total solar energy and up to 95% of infrared rejection* for optimal comfort.

Reduce Glare

Enhance visibility at night and reduce glare - Reduces glare up to 93% from blinding sunlight with low visible reflectivity and no mirror-like appearance to disrupt your view.

Superior Protection

The best protection - Blocks up to 99.9% UV and provides a total Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of up to 1000+ to protect vehicle occupants from harmful UV rays.

Stay Connected

Non-metallized (no signal interference) - Developed with a metal-free design that won’t interfere with electronics, GPS, or mobile devices.

Multiple Shade Options

Auto Trim Plus offers various shade options for your vehicle's window tint, from practically clear to full privacy darkness. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Examples below are simply a representation of different tint percentages and do not accurately represent how they will look on your vehicle.







Tint Options

Color Stable Carbon Series

Maximum Heat Rejection While Retaining Color

The Color Stable Carbon Series incorporates a unique process for producing nano carbon polyester. This revolutionary process allows for maximum heat rejection without a metal film layer, which can interfere with radio and/or satellite signals. It also gives the film a stylish look with outstanding color stability, so it never turns purple. Improving comfort, protecting vehicle interiors and blocking UV rays are hallmarks of Color Stable Carbon Window Films. The innovative window film products that we use help provide protection from the sun’s harmful rays. NOTE: Auto tint laws vary by state or province. Please check your local laws or ask your dealer installer for films that meet your local tint laws.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

The Color Stable Series is backed by a limited lifetime warranty, one of the most comprehensive warranties you can get. Sold and installed by professional 3M™ Authorized Dealer Installers, our films are durable, designed to last and virtually maintenance free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Automotive Window Tint FAQ

It is recommended to skip washing your car for one or two weeks, as window tint needs time to dry.

The 3M window film that we carry will not turn purple or fade over time. Our 3M window tint installation is backed by the 3M Guarantee.

Tint that turns purple is a sign that very low-grade tint was used, and because the adhesive and dye components in the tint are low quality, they break down over time.

Auto Trim Plus can tint your vehicle’s windows from practically clear to full privacy darkness.

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