SharpShield™ HP3

Outstanding Hydrophobic Protection for Vehicle Glass

SharpShield HP3 amplifies the effectiveness and defensive capabilities of our renowned SharpShield windshield protection system. This innovative enhancement involves the application of a robust and enduring hydrophobic layer on your the vehicle’s glass surface.

HP3 is a remarkably water-repelling formulation that establishes a durable and enduring bond with glass, resulting in a sleeker surface. This sleekness actively deters rain, snow, ice, dirt, and insect residue from adhering to your windows, ensuring a notably enhanced driving experience characterized by clearer visibility, and heightened safety.

One single application of HP3 can extend its benefits and performance for up to 6 months!

Repels bugs

Repels water

Repels ice

Repels snow

SharpShield HP3 Form

SharpShield HP3 Form

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