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3M® Safety & Security Window Film

For home or business

Virtually invisible protection that makes windows harder to penetrate. For security against crime, safety against injury, and UV damage prevention.


Benefits of Safety & Security Films

Break-in & Burglary Protection

Break-ins and burglaries Every 18 seconds, there is a burglary somewhere in the United States. Locks and security systems deter some burglars, but what about your home’s most vulnerable points of entry? 3M Safety & Security Window Films make it harder to break through your glass doors and windows. Instead of a quick smash and grab job, a would-be robber is faced with a window that won’t yield quickly or quietly. And the longer it takes an intruder to break through, the longer you have to get help.

With vs. Without Safety & Security Film

Break-and-enter robberies typically involve breaking a window. Glass shatters and falls, and a burglar gains easy entrance. But if the window is protected by 3M® Safety & Security Window Film, any glass that shatters stays in place – deterring intruders and gaining precious time for you and your family.

Accident & Natural Disaster Protection

When disaster strikes, can your windows take a beating without shattering into dangerous shards of glass? From everyday accidents to airborne storm debris and even seismic activity, windows are vulnerable to damage. Whatever the cause of breakage, 3M Safety & Security Window Films can help reduce the risk of injury from flying glass. These micro-layered and tear-resistant films hold the fragments in place – where they can’t hurt your family or your belongings.


Safety & Security Film Demonstration

Breaking and Entering scenario video showcasing the effectiveness of 3M® Safety and Security Film during forced entry attempt

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Safety and Security Film Form

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