Color Change Your Vehicle

Benefits of Wrapping Your Vehicle

Unlimited style

If you're like us, you drive your car every day. You have unlimited options for customizing your own colors, style, and feel of your ride. Stuck with a plain white car from the dealership? Now you can have that matte black or neon green you've always wanted with a vinyl vehicle wrap!

Durable + Easy
to Repair:

3M vinyl vehicle wraps are extremely durable and scratch-resistant. Not only will your ride look amazing on the outside, but you can be assured the vinyl material will keep your factory paint fresh and free from scratches and chips.

Agreement Safe:

Change the look and feel of your ride with 100% certainty you won't void your warranty or cause any issues with your lease agreement. Vinyl vehicle wraps can be easily peeled off to return to factory conditions.

Autotrim Plus is an Authorized Dealer of 3M™ Automotive Vinyl Wrap Products

Looking to upgrade or restore your car’s appearance? A vehicle wrap can usually be more affordable, faster and longer lasting than a paint job when you’re looking to change things up or advertise a business. Our premium vinyl wraps are a great option to traditional paint jobs. With over 200 finishes and colors, the options are endless for expressing your style and uniqueness of your vehicle.

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3 Easy Steps to design a new look

Vehicle Wrap Customizer

Color change? Simple. Dramatic designs? Not a problem. Design a new look for your car or truck in three easy steps. Choose from a variety of finishes and textures.

vehicle wraps
How long does a vehicle wrap last?

Vinyl vehicle wraps usually last 5-7 years under ideal circumstances including routine washing & care. Wraps can last longer if the vehicle is garaged or kept in shady areas most of the time.

How do I wash my wrapped vehicle?

With vinyl vehicle wraps, hand washing is ideal. If you are unable to wash by hand, please make sure to use low-pressure water to minimize the chances of damaging the vinyl.

How much does it cost to wrap my vehicle?

Full vehicle wraps can vary in cost depending on the size, shape, and other characteristics of the vehicle. Installation is quite a bit of work and the materials are of the highest quality. Realistically you should expect to pay a minimum price of $3,500 and up depending on vehicle, size, etc. Please contact us for a Free Quote for your vehicle.

Is vehicle wrap easy to remove?

Yes, removal time depends on how long the wrap has been on the paint. Removal can be done by the car owner, but we highly recommend contacting us to properly remove the wrap and all debris left from its installation.

Can I just wrap part of my vehicle?

Yes, we offer many partial wrap options including the hood, roof, side mirrors, chrome deletes, and more.

Will the wrap hurt my vehicle's paint?

No, the wrap protects the factory paint against the elements and from UV rays and scratches. You can drive your car for years, then peel off the wrap and have factory fresh paint below it.

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