Tesla Paint Protection Specialists + Color Change Wraps

For Tesla Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y

Tesla Paint Protection Services

Don't compromise on the quality of protection for your Tesla. Choose a 3M Certified shop and installer to keep your Tesla protected.

Tesla owners trust Auto Trim Plus for protecting their vehicle’s paint finish. We’re the only 3M Certified shop in Northern AZ, and our 3M Paint Protection Film is designed to protect your Tesla from the daily wear and tear of being on the road, from rock chips to environmental contaminants.

Our team of 3M Certified Paint Protection Film installers will apply the film with precision, ensuring a seamless and nearly invisible barrier between your car and the road, that preserves your Tesla’s pristine paint.

With our Tesla Paint Protection Packages, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that your vehicle’s paint remains flawless while maintaining the resale value for years to come.

Won't void your Warranty

Be 100% certain that your warranty won't be voided. Paint Protection Film Vinyl can be removed to return to factory conditions.

Durable & Easy to Repair

3M Paint Protection Film is extremely durable and scratch-resistant. Your Tesla's paint will be preserved and kept fresh.

Tesla Paint Protection Packages

Standard Protection

Premium Protection

Platinum Protection

Our 3M paint protection film packages for Tesla owners offer many benefits like preserving the pristine appearance of your Model S, 3, X, or Y. As a 3M Certified installation shop, we use only the best paint protection film that has been proven to outlast other inferior brands and materials.

3M’s innovative paint protection film acts as a shield against the elements, safeguarding your Tesla’s paint from the harsh effects of road debris, gravel, and environmental contaminants. Paint protection film extends the lifespan of your Tesla’s exterior finish, ensuring its original shine for years to come.

Our Tesla customers love that Paint Protection Film is virtually invisible since it preserves the aesthetics of Tesla vehicles. The film’s self-healing properties allow minor scratches and swirl marks to disappear over time, maintaining a flawless finish.

Tesla Ceramic Coating

Now offered for all Tesla owners who purchase a Paint Protection Film Package or Wrap from Auto Trim Plus

The Science of Shine

Cutting-edge technology. Impressive capabilities. Top-tier finish.

A glossy finish that delivers impressive outcomes.

Where scientific advancements and practical results meet. Auto Trim’s 3M Ceramic Coating treatment enhances the luster and brilliance of your Tesla’s paint, giving a long-lasting and freshly polished appearance.

Easier Care & Maintenance

Super smooth surface means effortless removal of dirt and particles

Long-Lasting Coating

Produces a hydrophobic surface resulting in superb water beading

High-Gloss Shine

Seals in and sustains that glossy "wet look" from a fresh new polish


Withstands salt, acid rain, and tree sap thanks to its chemical resistance

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